Meeting Minutes

Meeting MinutesWritten by Jason Loveland, Secretary
  1. Call to order 7:22

A meeting of the Suwannee County Libertarian Party was held at 26016 state road 247, Branford, Florida on 7/9/2020. Attendees included John Chickerell, Jordan Bosserman, Jason Loveland, Karen Chickerell, And Melissa Loveland. 

  1. Approval of minutes

The reading of the minutes was waived. 

  1. Reports

Secretary’s Report : Nothing to report. (7:28)

Treasurers report : Working on a bank account with Vystar Credit Union.

  1. Unfinished business (7:30)


  1. New business (7:35)

We need a fundraiser. Discussed the prospect of acquiring an AK-47 for raffling off to raise money for the party.

Karen suggests putting an add in the coffee news. 

Jordan suggests putting an add in the Patriot News.

Melissa Suggests handing out rack cards.

John suggested getting together with the community and organizing a cleaning of the local parks and springs.

  1. Marketing Campaign Ideas (7:50)

Jordan recommends we organize a music festival. 

Discussion on the fact that we need t-shirts, swag to raffle off, membership cards, custom signs, challenge coins, etc..

Jordan is developing online store 

We need to start a monthly newsletter.

  1. Announcements


  1. Adjournment

Adjourned at 8:28 pm